KURA was born in 2013 from the union of decades of professional experience in the pharmaceutical, chemical and commercial sectors, to offer the Italian market a line of innovative supplements and personal protective equipment.

All supplements are strictly made in Italy and are produced in full compliance with the specifications and prescriptions of the Ministry of Health.

At KURA, every choice is geared to the wellbeing of the person, and to repaying the ļ¬dence enjoyed by the doctor and pharmacist.

To best meet the needs of an increasingly rich and competitive market, KURA runs its operations with the support of three business divisions, focused on each of the three main players in the pharmaceutical market: the patient, the doctor and the pharmacist.

KURA has its own large premises equipped with a temperature and humidity controlled warehouse to guarantee the best storage conditions for its products. It uses Italy's leading pharmaceutical handling company for logistics.

The combination of these factors guarantees excellent quality standards in the storage and delivery of goods.